One Tank Road Trip

Ro and Delaney
WOW and there she was!
I got my in on the fun.
Rosanna Pansino was staying right next door

Standing in a line with a hundred Moms. Three hundred tweens, who were actually plus or minus a year or two, all waiting for a chance to meet their hero. Their hero is a four foot 11 inch baking queen from YouTube, Rosanna Pansino, affectionately known as Ro.
The day of baking with Mom or Grandma in the kitchen seems like a long lost ideal in the world of Gluten free. The world is full of the healthy fruit and vegetable snacks and this is just old fashioned baking with a twist. Think about a young woman setting out creating her own channel solely focused on baking, I was hooked right along with my daughter. My childhood was filled with the smell of something awesome that my mother was always baking. I got to watch and help as she created these desserts brought forth from sugar and flour eggs and butter. What did she do to make it interesting and more palatable to the in culture? Tying cupcakes and candies into the the “Nerd Culture”, and thus her program Nerdy Nummies was born.
The excitement of meeting a celebrity that was mostly popular to mostly adolescent girls may not seem the highlight of the day for all the adults with me but after they made their way into the Micheal’s store and finally caught a glimpse of the young woman that was a positive influence on the young ladies of today they were just as enthused as the kids. I will admit i was excited! I was encapsulated with the idea that my daughter was about to meet a person that until now was just another person on a screen blurred by millions of images.