What the future Holds

This might seem ridiculous but since my last post on here I have been so busy taking care of everyone else I forgot this was here.  I working hard but not gaining...why is that?

Those of you that have had a chance to know or work with me know I am 100% full out committed to what I am involved in.  The money never seems to be the issue it is always the end result.  The gain for whom ever I am working for.  I love the ability to create things that are fulfilling for others and help them to fee a sense of accomplishment.

This company. DJamesFoss Media, has had every bit of commitment and I want to be able to grow.  Right now all projects have stopped as I apply for work at different companies around the country in a hopes of being able to support my family with the talent God has given me.  I am now in the 20th reprisal of my resume and having sent out my 1000th application or proposal I am curious where I am missing the mark.

Creation of something out of just an idea into a work of art whether for enjoyment or education is an unbelievably time consuming and draining (financially) endeavor.  I have a million talents but this one is the only one that has been about me and given to me from God that makes it unique.  I am very grateful for all the things I have done and the people that I have helped into their success but I need the break now, I need the help now.  if you read this and enjoy what I do don't let this become another closed chapter in my life

God says to be still and have faith, so here I am doing just.